Die Firma Dankt

Lighting Designer and Dramaturg

Venue: NTU, Building No.1, Room 106

Date: June, 2018

Originally a contemporary German comedy, Die Firma Dankt is about an office battle between new employees and the boss. Since the conflict is, indicated in the script, happened only in the lobby of the company’s resort center, the central design concept uses ceiling lights to be main light source. where between the new power and the old power is taken into consideration, funny and simple

The space is indicated in the script as the lobby of a company resort center, so the design uses the large-scale local ceiling lights that are usually found in the general reception hall as the main light source, and the hanging decorations are specially used to fill in the scene where more scenes occur. . In addition, the hall is adjacent to a corridor, and the corridor is an area where those in power walk and manipulate the activities in the hall. It has a high degree of fluidity and power, so it also has an independent light area, which is the biggest turning point of the whole play: the place where the party takes place .

Playwright|Lutz Hübner

Director|Jacky Hung

Dramaturg|Hsuan Ya Chen


Stage Designer|